Awarded Medals: Gammer

  1. Awarded: Mar 20, 2016


    You are a permanent doner in TTT.

  2. Awarded: Dec 16, 2014

    KBz Tree of Spirit

    You participated in the community around the holidays of 2014,16.<3

  3. Awarded: Dec 4, 2014

    KBz Member

    You're a member of the KillerBeeZ!

  4. Awarded: Dec 4, 2014

    DRP Basicadmin

    You have reached the rank of Basicadmin on darkRP.

  5. Awarded: Dec 2, 2014

    Sandbox Admin

    You have reached the rank of Regular Admin on sandbox.

  6. Awarded: Dec 2, 2014

    G Mod Addict

    You have two thousand hours or more of playtime on Garry's mod.