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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by yuriaϟϟ, Sep 19, 2017.

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  1. yuriaϟϟ

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    How do I even begin this shit? So basically let me explain from the beginning.
    First, starts off with my smurf, use if for the normal smurf stuff you know, piss people off in comp in csgo and tf2. Nothing big but when I decided to join this server and bomb stomp the shit out of people I immediately get suspicion I don't think I did anything crazy, to begin with not like I have been hitting invis spies or anything along those lines. Playing on the server and mic spamming A LOT, surprised the admins didn't mute me but I wasn't really being that annoying. Eventually, I played on the sever tryharding for around 4-6 hours just playing nonstop, enjoying myself and such. I mean the people on the server were being really immature, if I ever got a headshot I got 10 people specing me and most of them are surprised I'm pretty shit. Some people still carry the agenda that I am a filthy waller/aimboter.
    Don't really care at all because two admins already said I didn't look fishy and moved on after a while I got to 700+ points on the board until guess what??? Smoky our lord and savior come down and specs me, confused why "im going afk" he said. "k" i said while breathing heavily in my mic, I instantly knew smoky was about to drop that one-two on me because the whole server is whining about this crazy hacker man.
    I'm actually surprised on how i was banned from the owner.
    >mfw I was banned from the sever
    >tfw the owner banned you because the army of the kids on the server who doesn't understand what an OK player looks like calls hacks
    >when the owner bans you and you realize that "shit he probably won't unban me because he owns the place"

    Admittedly I did make a new account to test the waters, I mic spammed and then and admin muted me, Literally, an admin specs me for 3 hours. Not sure about you, but if it is taking 3 hours for you to see if I am cheating, I don't know maybe I am not.
    I'm really asking you to really train the Mod's and Admin's before they act solo and make a decision.

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    I am all for second chances and trying to reevaluate what had happened, trust me I know i am far from perfect and make mistakes, but adding me on steam several days ago and not explaining who you are when we probably could have cleared this up already? Besides that you joined the server with intent on spamming and annoying other players which is also category for permanent ban. With that being said the ban stays for I am KBz Smokey lord and savior and I have layeth down The law of the land.

    ps. all my staff are awesome
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