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    Welcome to the KillerBeez TF2
    Our goal is to provide you with a fun and friendly gaming experience.

    General Rules
    • Please be respectful to all players -- Nothing is wrong with some competitive trash talking, please keep it under control.
    • No Racism.
    • No Inappropriate Sprays – pornographic, gory, racist, etc.
    • No spawn camping -- Players need to be able to exit spawn without being killed.
    • No Griefing – Intentionally trying to get your teammates killed, building useless teleporters, being a useless teammate.
    • Do not mic spam. This includes screaming down your mic, playing music, and any other sort of spam.
    • Do not chat spam. This includes advertising websites/servers or spamming the same thing repeatedly.
    • Do not ask for free items from players.
    • Do not talk about politics or religion.
    • No advertising.(unless for twitch)
    • No T Pose With Player Models.
    • No Hacking – Using any 3rd party program or texture to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Aimbots, wallhacks, ESP, speedhacks, etc.
    • sentrys can be placed anywhere except in an area that shoots players right when they step out of spawn.(intel room is ok)
    • mono gay
    Admin Rules
    If you see any staff or players breaking these rules, please feel free to report them here.
    • Do not use your powers on other players for your own amusement without their consent.
    • Never is it ok to use ADMIN commands on other staff.
    • Do not punish a player without justification.
    • Do not publicly accuse a player of hacking.
    • Do not teleport your self or others to an area that they can't be killed.

    Want to help keep the server going? Visit our donate page.
    List of RTD effects can be found here. failed drug test = demote​
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