Awarded Medals: Yeezus

  1. Awarded: Dec 16, 2016

    Original Gangster

    Your Steam profile is at least ten years old!

  2. Awarded: Feb 11, 2016

    Expert Marksman

    You posses the aim of a hacker.

  3. Awarded: Feb 11, 2016


    It's confirmed that this player is an asshole!

  4. Awarded: Apr 26, 2015


    You have reached the rank of Superadmin

  5. Awarded: Feb 14, 2015

    TTT Admin

    You have reached the rank of Admin on TTT

  6. Awarded: Jan 6, 2015

    Community Admin

    You're and admin on three or more KBz servers.

  7. Awarded: Jan 6, 2015

    Sandbox Admin

    You have reached the rank of Regular Admin on sandbox.

  8. Awarded: Dec 23, 2014

    Easy way out

    You resort to knifes instead of fighting it out.

  9. Awarded: Dec 23, 2014

    TF2 Admin

    You are an admin on TF2

  10. Awarded: Dec 23, 2014

    Bad Grammar

    You can't speel very good.

  11. Awarded: Dec 21, 2014

    Mr. Cool

    You are one cool fellow!

  12. Awarded: Dec 20, 2014

    KBz Member

    You're a member of the KillerBeeZ!

  13. Awarded: Dec 16, 2014

    KBz Tree of Spirit

    You participated in the community around the holidays of 2014,16.<3

  14. Awarded: Nov 30, 2014

    G Mod Addict

    You have two thousand hours or more of playtime on Garry's mod.

  15. Awarded: Nov 30, 2014

    Veteran Player

    You have been around the block a few times and are a regular player.

  16. Awarded: Nov 30, 2014

    Sandbox Basicadmin

    You have reached the rank of of basicadmin on sandbox.

  17. Awarded: Nov 29, 2014

    TeamSpeak User

    You're always in teamspeak being a nerd.